I’m a at home mum looks like for good this time as every time i get a new job i seem to get pregnant. But mind you i don’t have to look far for Maternity wear any more as now have my own collection of new clothing. I love helping other mums who cannot aford hefty £40.00 for a swimming costume where you can buy them for £27.00 !.

I know it’s seems easy to run your own company from home but it has it’s draw backs ! You don’t get the time with your kids as much! as your constantly working on the links to your site. The adverting this all takes time too !. I’m all out for helping mums who want to start there business as long as they try to make time for the kids like i have too.

With the ressession Looming Im seeing more mum’s setting up There own online business to help make some more money for there home. I try and help other mums and point them in the right direction on how to get going to kick start there home businesses. I amit that i mad a few bo-bo’s along the way and have been coned by those company’s that promise to get you on the first page of google and high PR which cost me dearly and suffering because of them.

To prove a point to my self i set up another website blog on a free website with yola and started blogging and adding links to other peoples sites and main blog log places to promote my blog and hay presto I now have a PR of 1 and on page 1 on the natral listings got therer on my own !. So mums the message is DIY! and don’t be coned ! If you need any help just ask me and i can point you in the right direction as i’m a unselfish person and love helping others !

E mail Me at sales@motherwearclothing.co.uk For help and advice !

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